Flexibility and perfomance in a traditionel package

The new Tangent Lounge loudspeaker range is closely related to the Tangent Prestige speaker. The elegant piano-finish on the cabinet has been maintained, only this time it is applied to a more traditional, squared cabinet. The Tangent Lounge speaker features the same excellent bass and midrange driver units, partnering here with a Vifa tweeter. The Vifa tweeter is built on excellent technological principles such as Large Roll Surround. The Tangent Lounge represents outstanding sound at an affordable price point. Tangent Lounge is not a speaker for an egotistical listener. It spreads its sound widely and evenly, allowing it to be enjoyed from all over the listening space. At the same time, the Tangent Lounge does so while placing minimal demands on the amplifier to which it is connected. Special amplifiers are not required to drive the speakers. First-class cabinet craftsmanship Some of the finest cabinetmakers there are work for Tangent, which the Lounge cabinet reflects. This first-class craftsmanship comes to life in the quality of the cabinet, where the elegant design is followed up by intense demands on detail: tolerances in joints, varnishing quality, uniformity in manufacturing, and more. High-end technology The excellent sound quality of the loudspeakers in the Tangent Lounge range is achieved by the usage of high-end loudspeaker units. Tweeters from Vifa (of Denmark) are built on experiences gained from the Scan Speak Revelator, with Large Roll Surround and rear chamber. The same unique midrange and bass driver units are employed in the Tangent Lounge as in the Tangent Prestige. This custom membrane is made of a specially-selected paper/wood fibre material. It has an optimal combination of lightness, strength and control. The midrange and bass chassis features an open design, which ensures proper circulation behind the driver unit. A loss-centring mounting, together with the other features has already put the Prestige on the fast track to success.


Lounge L26 floor speaker - piano lacquer white

Lounge L26 floor speaker - piano lacquer black


  • System: 2 ways
  • Frequency range: 31 - 27000 Hz
  • Impedance: 4-8 Ω
  • Sensitivity: 89 dB
  • Max music power: 200 Watts
  • Recommended amplifier: 20-200 Watts
  • Terminal type: Bi-wiring / bi-amp
  • Terminal finish: Hi-end gold plated
  • Internal wiring: 99,99% OFC
  • Enclosure: Bass Reflex
  • Large Roll Surround
  • Mixed fibre cone
  • Open diecast woofer chassis
  • Time coherent crossover
  • Wide uniform sound dispersion
  • Piano lacquer


  • With base and spikes (W x H x D):
    7.9 x 37 x 11" / 200 x 940 x 280 mm


  • Crossover #1
    Frequency: 2050
    Slope: 18/12


  • tweeter
    Diameter: 1.00
    Cone: textile
    Magnet: ferrite
  • woofer
    Diameter: 6.50
    Cone: paper
    Magnet: ferrite


  • 2 years

Unit packaging

  • Includes: Manual, gloves and spikes
  • Quantity/box: 1
  • Dimensions (W x H x D):
    14.5 x 38.5 x 10.9" / 369 x 977 x 277 mm
  • Gross weight: 39.7 lbs / 18 kg
  • Net weight: 38.8 lbs / 17.6 kg
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