Tangent Ampster BT II

Tangent Ampster BT II

Tangent Tuner II

Tangent Tuner II

Tangent CD II


Compact CD player in the popular electronics series. Shares remote with Tangent Ampster BT II and Tuner II


It’s time to enjoy your CD collection again

As part of Tangent’s new mini-system, the CD II plays an integral role when connected with the new Ampster II and Tuner II. Due to its mini, compact size you’ll now be able to play your CD collection on a player that’s both space saving and technology future-proof.  The CD II is a multi-format digital disk player that’s compatible with all current CD formats (including home-made MP3 files)… and with both digital optical and regular line-outputs, the CD II is designed to produce lossless connectivity to any separates HI-FI system.

High quality CD sound from a mini player

The new CD ll fits effortlessly into Tangent's new mini system. By combining the Tangent Ampster BT II and Tuner ll, you can enjoy a complete, compact sized HI-FI system with premium audio quality and performance.  Each CD ll, Ampster BT ll and Tuner ll is less than the width of an A4 sheet of paper and is only 7cm high, making the system only 21cm high when stacked! So the small size of each component takes up less space in the living room, kitchen - or wherever you enjoy your music.

A remote control for all

The remote control for the CD II also operates the Ampster BT II and Tuner ll, so when all three components are stacked together or placed separately, each remote control can be used to operate all components.  Or you can choose to use only one remote control and put the two other remotes away!  


Optical digital out

Analog RCA out

Compact design

Built-in power supply 



OutputAnalogue Out, Optical Digital Out
Remote ControlYes
Standby<1W (EUP 2013)
Weight1.66 / 2.20 KG
Product Dimensions195 x 195 x 70 MM
Carton Size330 x 260 x 120 MM
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