New Pre-amp & New Power Amplifier

New Pre-amp & New Power Amplifier
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New Pre-amp & New Power Amplifier

Product News

Summer 2022 brings an update to the popular PreAmpster II and a new addition to the electronics line. 

PreAmp II

The Tangent PreAmp II is the latest generation of the popular preamplifier. Previous generations have offered plenty of connectivity options: bluetooth, optical digital, RCA analog, phono (RIAA) and AUX mini jack. The PreAmp II adds a headphone jack on the front, which can be used as a headphone amplifier. 

The big news, however, is the addition of XLR Balanced outputs, which allow connection to a power amplifier via XLR cable. 

PowerAmpster II

The Tangent PowerAmpster II is a new addition to the popular line of electronics products. The power amplifier has the option to connect to the preamplifier via RCA or XLR. The PowerAmpster II delivers 2 x 100 watts and has the additional option of "bridge mode" with 1 x 200 watts. 

Both novelties will be available on the market during July 2022.