About Tangent

About Tangent

A Story of Sound and Design

Tangent have for more than 20 years applied harmony and design to a wide range of highly popular audio products.
Over the years we have demonstrated over and over again that it is possible to stay at the forefront of both technological developments and design trends. And still be uncompromising when it comes to quality. 
What sound is concerned, we never leave anything to chance. Or for the bits and bytes. Instead, our experienced acousticians is your guarantee that every Tangent product delivers a crystal clear and authentic reproduction of your favorite music.
Most of our products today have built-in DSP (Digital Sound Processor), so you can adapt the sound from your Tangent device to the type of music you listen to most.

Iconic Design From a Master

The Tangent brand has always been characterized by an aesthetic design. Scandinavian minimalism with his own signature in the simple lines - created by our own talented designers.
We also work on selected products with external designers. Most startling is our close partnership with Jacob Jensen Design. A partnership, which first saw the light of day in 2010 with the launch of Tangent Fjord - design by Jacob Jensen.
The product series with its three variants was from the start a huge sales hit, and in the fall of 2015 was followed by the wireless bluetooth speaker Tangent Fjord Mini - again with the unmistakable fingerprints from Jacob Jensen Design.


Uncompromising Quality

Although it is now possible to produce audio products quickly and at very low prices by compromising on the primary components, we, at Tangent, never fall for the temptation. 
We maintain stubbornly that every product must be approved by our own quality technicians and specially trained acousticians. Professionals with pride of their profession and a singularly delicate feel for good sound - and to the contrary.
Maybe it's one of the reasons why our products again and again being deluged with great superlatives from all sorts of audio magazines when they conduct tests. In this context, words such as "unique" and "perfect" are far from rare in the notification of Tangent. Just as we repeatedly run with the honor as "Best in Test".
Read the latest news from Tangent, if you want to know what is happening right now with one of Denmark's most popular audio brands.
You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about a product or the company in general. 

Part of Something Bigger

Tangent is an AV Industry group brand. In the AV Industry group you will also find premium brands such as: NorStoneLumeneAtecaElipson, and Highland Audio.