Tangent LS-30

Tangent LS-30


Tangent LS-30

Sound in the kitchen

Tangent LS-30 is the solution for most people who want good sound and easy operation in the kitchen without using a table or shelf space on audio.

The speaker has bluetooth controls, so you can listen to your music or podcast directly from your smartphone, computer or anything else.

Easy Installation

Thanks to the cooperation with kitchen industry specialists, the Tangent LS-30 can be placed in almost all kitchens with a shelf. The kitchen speaker is for socket mounting and can be mounted in new kitchen and retrofitted in existing kitchens. Simply cut into the hole and pull power from a regular 230v plug. Then, the Tangent LS-30 can easily be pushed in from the front either along the floor or in the center of the socket. There are legs attached to the floor inside the base, which can be adjusted so that the Tangent LS-30 can be mounted directly on the floor or up to 6 cm from the floor. The product can be used in sockets down to 10 cm in height.

Easy Connection

As soon as you have powered the speaker, you are ready to connect via Bluetooth. If you want to connect other sources such as chromecast audio, airport express or anything else, it will be done easily via AUX / mini jack. The mini-jack connector is smartly located at the back of the product, so you can save your extra connection away in the socket.

Easy Operation

Tangent LS-30 is incredibly easy to operate. Using Bluetooth, you can easily operate it exclusively on your smartphone. The loudspeaker turns itself on when you connect via Bluetooth and goes into standby when you do not use it. Volume can be controlled from smart phone or other connected devices. If you have connected multiple sources, you do not have to worry about choosing a source, as the Tangent LS-30 plays all active sources automatically.



  • Easy bluetooth connection
  • AUX connection for other sources
  • EU/UK power supply included
  • Powerful 2.1 based system
  • Provides balanced sound in the whole kitchen


InputBluetooth, 3.5 mm AUX (Mini Jack)
Speaker Units2 x 1'' tweeter / 2 x 2'' midrange / 1 x 5'' woofer
Frequency50 Hz - 20 000 Hz
Standby<1W (EUP 2013)
PowerDC 24V/1.5A
Weight8.78 / 6.43 kg
Product Dimensions471 x 90x 456mm (WxHxD)
Carton Size585 x 180 x 545 mm (WxHxD)


More Information
Speaker Usage Indbygning
Speaker Type Active
Wireless Technology Bluetooth
Input AUX Minijack
Brand Tangent