Tangent PowerAmpster II

Our powerful amplifier with brigdemode capabilities and balanced output. 



Tangent PowerAmpster II is extremely flexible and can be used in many different situations. Connect it to a pre-amp, such as the Tangent PreAmp II, and experience the power to drive virtually any speaker in either stereo or mono bridge mode. Alternatively, the PowerAmpster II is ideal as a multi-room power amplifier. Connect a multi-channel preamplifier and the PowerAmpster II will be able to drive the speakers of choice in any room. Another possible use is as a front L/R upgrade for home theater systems.

Powerful Sound

With 100 watts per channel, the PowerAmpster II has enough power to drive a wide range of speakers. Its high output also makes it ideal in larger rooms. The high-quality built-in power supply gives the music a real punch, whether it's classical, rock or pop.

Double up

When more "power" is needed, add a second PowerAmpster, switch them both to mono mode and enjoy 200 watts per channel.


2 x 50 Watt @8Ohm
2 x 100 Watt @4Ohm
1 x 200 watt bridgemode
RCA input
XLR balanced input


Power output:

2x100W stereo mode

1x200W bridge mode 

Frequency response:20Hz - 50KHz
Standby consumption: <0.50W (EUP 2013)
Wake on signal:Yes
Input:RCA line input
XLR Balanced
Output:Binding post terminals 
Mains power:110-120V & 220-240V 
Dimensions (without feet):195x194x70mm (WxDxH)
Weight2.2 kg/2.0 kg


"We say: An absolute bargain at the price, providing power and impressive flexibility"
Hi-Fi Choice, April 2023
More Information
Color Black
Input RCA Analog, XLR
Brand Tangent