Tangent Warranty


Did your Tangent product stop working? 
All Tangent products are covered by a warranty. The extend of the warranty is described in the manual for the product and generally follows local law. 

If your Tangent product is defect and within warranty you need to return it with your receipt to the store where you have purchased the product. 

Things to try 

There is a number of things you can try first before taking further action

  • Try to unplug the product and wait for about 5 minutes and then plug in again


  • Most Tangent radios can perform a factory reset which resets the software. You can do a factory reset from the menu on the radio. This can in some cases solve software issues


  • For bluetooth products with connection problems you can solve many issues by deleting the profile from your device and pair again. If that does not work you can determine if the problem is with your Tangent product or with your bluetooth device by trying to connect with a different device. Sometimes updating your bluetooth device can also solve the problem. 

Out of Warranty? Lost your Remote? 

If your Tangent product is no longer covered by the warranty there is still hope. In many cases defects can come from defect power supplies or other replacable parts. For many products it is possible to buy spare parts form our website. Simply run a search or find your product via the product menu to see available spare parts. 

Purchases from Tangent-audio.com webshop under warranty

Please fill out the RMA form from the link below if you have purchased your Tangent product from tangent-audio.com. 

Products purchased from Tangent.dk are covered by a 24 month warranty as per Danish law. Please contact us via the contact form or support(a)tangent.dk